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  Motorcycle adventure tours through Spain & off-road training centre near the Parque de Cazorla

We are operating one of the most comprehensive off road tours in Southern Spain. We have tried to cover everything you may need to know in our FAQ's

If you have any further questions or information requests, please contact us via the form on our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  How do I get to Quesada?
There are regular budget flights from the UK to Granada, Almeria, Malaga, Murcia, Alicante and Madrid. Some of our clients choose to fly into Madrid and take the train (cheap and a very leisurely way to see the countryside) to Linares where we pick them up. If you prefer to be independent then car hire is available from the airports, booking online (we can advise on the best deals) is cheap. Detailed directions on how to get to us are available by email after a confirmed booking.1 Will you collect me from the airport?
For group bookings we can collect you (email for details) or for clients who prefer more freedom we offer a car hire service. For independents we have a company that will give you a very good deal on cars from most of the airports. We can arrange these on your behalf so that groups flying in on the same flight can share a car and therefore reduce the cost further.1 Can I come out a day earlier or stay a day longer?
Because some of the cheapest flights arrive late in the evening, most clients prefer arriving a day or two early and then drive over the following day. This will allow you a day exploring or you can come over to us and we’ll take you up to “El Chorro” so you can walk back to town the easy way (all downhill). If you have allowed a few extra days at the end we can extend your tour by a day or arrange other activities for you. Or better still don’t bother with the return ticket, get a job picking olives during the week and come riding at the weekends!1 What Insurance do I need?
All of our bikes are covered by third party insurance, which means if you have an accident, our insurance pays for the other person or property, but does not cover your personal injuries, nor damage to our bike. Each client is advised to purchase supplemental personal medical and repatriation insurance. Be sure that your insurance covers motorcycling holidays, as many insurance policies exclude such activities that they consider too dangerous or risky. Consult your local insurance agency before you come to Spain, most agencies offer one week insurance packages for a minimal cost, we can give you contact details of a company who does a package.1 What riding equipment do you provide?
We have a full range of trail riding gear, including helmets, goggles, elbow and knee pads, jerseys, gloves, hydration pack drinking system and riding trousers and boots. Some clients choose to bring their own helmets, boots and gloves anyway, for their own comfort. We stock all of the common sizes as well as a few of the extremes, however we cannot guarantee a perfect fit every time, clothing sizes should be completed on our booking form. You are welcome to bring your own boots, helmet and full body armour if you feel better protected and comfortable. 1 What kind of accommodations will I be staying in when on tour?
We put our emphasis on running adventure tours and therefore we will tend to stay mostly in remote family run hotels, although they are not four star beach hotels with swimming pools, they do serve the most amazing local cuisine. Each location is chosen for its friendly atmosphere and to date we have struck up a rapport with most of the staff and owners, most of which are very interested in bikes, us and our customers. The tour price is based on double occupancy, which means you will be sharing a room with another rider, if you would like to have a room for yourself, this can be arranged for a supplement. On training, have a go and Cazorla tours we can upgrade you to a more luxurious grade of hotel which have swimming pools etc, this will be charged on a pro rata basis.1 What bike is ideal for me?
We are now using predominantly AJP bikes although we have couple of Husqvarnas and Honda CRF230�s the AJP's and CRF's are the lowest seat height bike available to us, these are easily handled by both beginer and expert alike. 1 Are the tours flexible, for example can I request my own itinerary?
Our menu of tours follows the itinerary that is described in detail on the tours page of this website; we use this as a guideline which can be customized within certain boundaries. If you have suggestions for your group we can discuss and will try to tailor a tour to suit your request, however we are constantly looking to find ways to improve our tours. So you should find something close in our list of options, we know where the best places are to ride and eat and we get a real buzz showing you these places. Our Ride & Guide menu pricing is an ideal place to start as this is bike and guide price only, so you can keep the price down by bringing your own kit or self catering etc.1
  What about non riders?
They are spoilt for choice, you name it we have it all within an hour or so from Quesada (see answer regarding FAMILY HOLIDAY below for more details). 1 I want a couple of days out on a bike but I can’t see anything like that on the booking page.
We don’t list every local tour, instead we try to fit a group in for a day or days riding/training in between the bigger tours, so drop us a mail or give us a call and we’ll try to arrange a booking for you.1 Why are you situated further inland than the other tour operators?
Because the Cazorla region offers you the best combination of beautiful scenery, fantastic riding terrain, miles of trails and pistes and being inland as opposed to the coast means uniquely we can (and do) ride almost 360 ° from our door. Being able to do this we can take advantage of the landscape variations, we even have a freshwater beach with a mountain backdrop! What clinched it for us was the reception we got from the local community when we first pitched up with the bikes, we were accepted without question. 1 Can I bring my own bike and riding gear?
Yes, several riders jumping in a van and pooling the costs can make a cheap fun few days away and an ideal way to start a racing season. Many customers do bring their own riding gear as boots and helmets tend to mould to the owner and therefore tend to be slightly more comfortable than hire gear. 1 What should I bring with me?
Spending money for evening meals and drinks, snack bars for breaks on the trail, tape for hands (if you suffer from blisters), your own riding gear if you prefer, driving license, passport.1 I only get two weeks holiday a year, is it possible to combine riding with a family holiday?
Yes, besides hiking, other activities include camping (only in approved areas), fishing, hunting, horse riding, orienteering, skiing, rock climbing, abseiling and mountain biking. We can also arrange with specialist companies that offer 4x4 excursions to the restricted wilderness portions of the park, or just hire yourself 4x4’s, buggies or quads to drive yourself deep into the park for a day. If you’d prefer to make your mountain biking slightly easier there is also a possibility of a shuttle to take you and your bike to a spot high in the park from which you may ride back down to your hotel. The lake behind the hydroelectric dam at Tranco de Beas is being developed for water sports; there is a company that offers white water rafting and kayaking on the river below the dam. We took a trip with these in the summer when the water level was low and there were several sections of tranquil water where paddling was required, but the white water sections still gave a thrill, the higher level of spring water should up the thrill factor! For the artistic amongst you the park and local villages offer the perfect subject matter for an afternoons spent with your chosen painting medium or camera. If you have a family with young children and want some way of entertaining them whilst you pursue an exclusively adult event then we can normally arrange crèche facilities. Older children are also catered for as the local adventure company who specialises in children’s courses and camps organise activities such as orienteering, skiing, archery, paintball, canoeing and much more. 1 What terms and conditions apply?
See our Terms and Conditions download on the booking page TERMS & CONDITIONS LINK1 Q What is my riding level?
A To get the best from your trip you need to assess your riding skill so we can fit you in with other riders of equal ability and fitness.

Level 1; No previous offroad experience.
Level 2; Some offroad experience but below average ability.
Level 3; Some offroad experience but confident in ability.
Level 4; Regular offroad rider of average ability & fitness.
Level 5; Regular offroad rider of above average ability & fitness.

To be eligible for a Tres Picos Tour you must have ridden with Touratrail on a previous occasion and be of an appropriate ability and fitness level. 1
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