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  Motorcycle adventure tours through Spain & off-road training centre near the Parque de Cazorla
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  Whether you want to try off-roading for the first time or you are an experienced trail or enduro rider who wants to learn some advanced techniques or prepare for an event our instructors at Touratrail are qualified and have the experience to help you achieve your goal. For road riders the techniques learnt coupled with the subsequent practice means that the boundaries of traction can be explored without the fear of dropping your expensive road bike. You will get comfortable with the feel of our bike moving around and how to instantly correct the biggest of slides in a much safer environment. During the course, explanations of the theory are backed up by practical demonstrations before you are encouraged in your participation, at no time will you feel pressurised to attempt a practical exercise beyond your comfort zone.  
The courses are divided into three levels.
Basic entry level, aimed at first timers off-road.
Would suit previous attendees of the beginner course or competent trail riders looking to improve their skills.
We specalise in enduro and rally coaching with winter training courses run by championship instructors, MX riders are also catered for with several tracks at our disposal.
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Posture, body position when; standing, cornering.
Downhill, level ground, effects of front and rear braking.
Standing and sitting.
Rocks, river crossings, ruts, drop offs and jumps.
Sand, gravel, hard pack, mud, cambers and line choice.
Rear wheel steering, peg weighting and slow speed manoeuvring.


The course usually starts with machine familiarisation followed by a warm up which consists of a gentle ten minute trail ride to our training ground during which our instructor can assess the group. Upon reaching the training ground a quick debrief is followed up by an overview of the days objectives including any individual requests.

Throughout the course emphasis is put on confidence building, our training ground has gradients and terrain which allow a steady progression to suit each riders ability and confidence level.

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